Our Mission

"Helping girls discover their inner genius"
Our mission and goal at Brainy Ladies is to help girls discover their inner genius. We want to focus on them. Currently, only 24% of the STEM workforce is held by women. YIKES! Where are all the women? Well, there's a pay and gender gap! Women are getting paid less than men, just for their gender, making most women not want to go into STEM careers. BUT - there is hope! Kind of. Right now, there are hundreds of college scholarships for women going into STEM! Through Brainy Ladies, we want to empower girls through challenges, content, and investing in them. Instead of wanting to know all about the parents, we want to get to know Fargo Moorhead's Young Brainy Ladies! Through surveys and meetings, we want your teen to LOVE STEM because STEM is the new cool! Geeks are awesome, too!