TECHNOLOGY - Driverless Cars

Seventy-nine years ago the first driver less car was put into an idea. Now in 2018, the driver less car industry is picking up the pace on getting these cars on the road. The car industry is being revised at its finest. Driver less cars are being researched, innovated, and even up for resale. Self-driving cars would help keep people safe if put into mass production. The number of deaths from drunk drivers, texting drivers, and distracted drivers increases every year. Could driver less cars eliminate this? Self-driving cars are also using the most innovative technology. According to the Guardian, "lasers, LIDAR, and 3D modeling systems" are being used to operate driver less cars. Finally, driver less cars are being used by top tech companies. According to the Guardian, Volvo, Google, GM, Daimler, Ford, Audi, and BMW are all using self-driving cars for research and piloting. In conclusion, self-driving cars are innovative, top tech, and have a lasting impact on the car industry.  

Driver less cars are, well, driver less! How do they work? Tech companies have to program the cars to have the smarts and intelligence of humans. It's a tough job. According to the video, the cars first use radars and lasers to put together 3D images and models of the car's surrounding. Anywhere from LIDAR to advanced computer system technology and GPS systems are found in the car's system. LIDAR scans the environment and sends the scan to the accelerometer, gyroscope, and GPS. When the LIDAR scan arrives, the three tools put together model an image, and the surrounding is built. Self-driving cars are complicated, but may help our community if we let them.  

Building a car that drives itself is a great tech improvement that is consumed with problems. One problem according to the Guardian is the ethics of the car in response to unexpected situations. Safety is super important, especially when thinking about a human less driver! The car's instinct probably wouldn't be thinking about what would happen if it had to kill the passengers or the pedestrians. According to the Guardian, legislation can also be a problem. Certain vehicle laws are in place to keep motor vehicle passengers safe. If the driver less cars don't follow these laws, they might be staying off the street for a while. Finally, think about the safety, Are these cars safer than humans? There might be a chance we could ban human driving! Although there are many problems with driver less cars, they serve an impactful position in the tech community.  

Driver less cars are popular, and they're on the street, according to the Guardian. Self-driving cars are actually being used all around us. Elements like GPS, auto pilot, etc. that self-driving cars use are featured in the most recent non-driver less car designs. Also, the driver less cars are already on the road. Google has cars on the road to test and research, also for experimenting. Lastly, research is being used to find other innovative uses for these cars. Currently, the cars are being tested in pilot programs. Self-Driving Cars are revolutionizing the car industry.  

Driverless cars are the new thing, they're being tested, and researched today.  


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