TECHNOLOGY - Digital Footprints


Everyone streams video or music, is on social media, or viewing websites. Employers look at the things that people do online. People know this, but does it actually do anything to their opinion? One thing’s for sure, everyone has a digital footprint. A digital footprint is a path of sites or posts people are involved in. For example, if I post on Instagram, that contributes to my digital footprint. There are positive and negative footprints. Positive footprints are when all of the sites, streams, and posts are positive or appropriate. Negative footprints are when the websites, streams, and posts people are involved with are negative or inappropriate.

Why does a digital footprint matter? Digital footprints matter because employers look at them, but also because if you post something negative, and bad enough, the news grabs hold of it. Next, they matter because online presence is used by sites using cookies. If they find you posting or streaming negative things, they can get you in trouble at a federal level. Then, you also can be observed at your communication skills. This matters because communicating with others and how you do that may be a hiring breakpoint for some employers. Finally, digital footprints can be helpful, “if they make a difference for a cause they care about,” according to Angela from 25 Days.

How do we create a digital footprint? There are a few ways to create a digital footprint. First, search a topic and click on a website. You’re now on the map! Next, post something on a social media site. Your first step! Then, maybe watch an episode or two of your favorite Netflix show. Your footprint continues. As soon as you stream something, post something, or look up something, your footprint continues.

Let’s think about making a positive footprint. Step one is to make sure anything you look up is appropriate or positive. Search histories are vital in positive footprints. Step two, scroll through your past posts or future post ideas. Are they appropriate? Do they spread a positive message? If you answered ‘no’ to either of these, you are trailing on a negative footprint. Step three, go through your music and watch history. Are your songs explicit? Do your shows give you a positive feeling? If they don’t, reconsider your media selections. Finally, step four is to read through your language. Are you swearing frequently? Are you discouraging people? Make sure that the language you are putting forth make a positive difference.

To conclude, positive footprints are important. They affect your career, and maybe your pay. Also, they can help your self esteem when you know you are posting positive stuff that encourages people. Finally, they can make a positive impact on others around you when they influence others with happiness.

Zoe Bundy