MATH - Equations

Everyone uses math everyday. I use it at school and doing homework. My mom uses it for baking, my brother uses it to make sure the voltage on a project doesn’t cause something to explode, my dad uses it for finances, it’s everywhere!  


When I use math, I am learning different types of math that help me in school. These types include pre algebra, measurements and converting measurements. My brother is learning pre algebra as well. My mom uses measurements, my dad probably uses algebra. The types of math that we use can help us determine what we need to learn in order to be successful when using math. We use equations all the time when working with numbers. 


What is an equation? 

An equation is a math problem that uses variables to solve. An equation can look like these: 


Or it can look like this: 



Why are equations important? 

Equations are important for two reasons. One, they help us solve problems that have an unknown. Two trees are planted in a yard. Tree 1 is 14inches taller than Tree 2. Tree 1 grows at a rate of 6 inches per year. Tree 2 grows at a rate of 8 inches per year. In how many years will the two trees be the same height? The unknown variable here is the year they will be the same height.  

Another reason equations are important, is when we have more than one unknown. Vanessa purchases a pair of jeans for $24.75 and 6 pairs of socks. Jessica buys 2 shirts for $15.60 each and 3 pairs of socks. Both girls spent the same amount of money, and each pair of socks cost the same amount. Here, we don’t know how much the socks cost. We also don’t know the amount of money they spent.  


How do I use equations? 

Now we know what equations are, how they look in number form, and then how they look in word form, let’s figure out how to make one!  

I have 6 articles that I post every week. Each week, I spend 6 hours writing content. How much time will I spend writing in 2019?  

First, let’s start with crossing out the first sentence. The number of articles won’t matter, because we are worried about the time that it takes to write the articles.  
Each week, it takes 6 hours. We can write our equation, using the time (6) and “x” to represent the number of weeks. We should keep in mind that a year is 52 weeks. Our equation will look like this: 

6x=y       6 hours times the number of weeks equals the amount of time it will take to write content all year. We will solve this problem by trading x for 52. 6 times 52 equals 312. Y=312 



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