Engineering – Four Types of Engineers 

Engineering – Four Types of Engineers 

When exploring careers in engineering, the second word in the job title is, “engineer.” There are hundreds of types of engineers, but for the purpose of time, and my hands typing, we will only focus on four. These four include aerospace, automotive, architectural, and computer. 


Aerospace Engineers 

Aerospace Engineers work on aerospace technology and equipment. They build airplanes, fix airplanes, and help make sure they run as needed. They can also work on helicopters and almost anything else that flies. In Fargo, the Jet Center has many aerospace engineers repairing broken planes all the time.  


Automotive Engineers 

Automotive Engineers work on automotive. From cars to buses and vans, they work on it all. They are like car shop mechanics, working on cars, and repairing them. Automotive engineers can also build the 4 wheel devices.  

Architectural Engineers 

Architectural Engineers work on architect projects. They sketch, design, and build, with the end result being a building. Architectural Engineers can often be confused with structural engineers, but structural engineers focus more on materials used on the building.  


Computer Engineers 

My favorite! Computer engineers work on computers. They build, repair, design computers. Most schools have a computer engineer or a tech specialist of some sort to help manage tech troubles with student and staff computers. 


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Zoe Bundy