CAREERS - EVP of Retail Banking (Q & A)

CAREERS - EVP of Retail Banking

Q&A with Kim Meyer from Gate City Bank

1. What area of STEM do you work in? 

Technology and Math – sometimes we like to refer to ourselves as a technology company even though we are a bank.

2. What is your job title? 

EVP of Retail Banking and Human Resources

3. Where do you work? 

Gate City Bank

4. Have you ever been the only girl in a class or meeting?

If so, how does it feel?  Yes, early on in my career, I was the only woman on our leadership group – this was about 20 years ago.   I often felt ignored and that my opinion didn’t matter.  Today at our bank it is the complete opposite – we have many females in leadership roles!  Our CEO is committed to this diversity.  

5. Do you have any advice for girls who may be the only girl someday? 

Don’t change who you are.  Don’t try to be a man, dress the part, but dress like a girl.  Go ahead and show emotion.

6. What degrees/diplomas do you have? 

I have an Associate Degree from MSUM

7. Did you think that one day you'd be where you are now? 

No.  With mentoring and educating and learning that my current CEO has given me, I have really become what I am today.

8. What are two failures that have led to your success today? 

Not owning mistakes…early on I didn’t think I should be making mistakes, but then I realized that failure is a big part of success.     The other would be knowing that the work I do is much bigger than myself…early on I focused on my work, now I focus on the work of others and it has turned me into a servant leader…and we are all part of the big work of Gate City Bank and the communities and customers and team members we serve.  

9. What is your favorite and least favorite part about your job? 

Favorite – building relationships with team members, customers and the community and we are like a family at Gate City…I have a great GCB family!   Zoe I shouldn’t say this, but honestly – working on spreadsheets is my least favorite…I know that goes against everything in your organization.  

10. What are two things you wish you would have known as a teenager? 

Your Mom knows best…she has been where you have been and listen to her.   Travel when you can. 

Zoe Bundy