Fargo Air Museum Air Camp

As a girl interested in STEM, Fargo has so many events to offer. One of them is monthly, and it is Fargo Air Camp. It is held at the Fargo Air Museum from 10-2:30 one Saturday per month. The camp is free if you register ahead of time, but $15 for same-day registration. You either have to bring lunch money or pack a lunch. The camp is for ages 5-11 in one hanger and 12-18 in another. The 5-11 group starts at 10:15 and ends at 12. Each camp has a different topic or theme. This month, the topic is Airplane Energy. The camp will be held August 11th. The rest of the topics are below. Something to keep in mind is that you may be the ONLY girl. Every single time I have gone, I have been the only girl…but it’s actually pretty cool. The guys do respect you and the teachers appreciate the perseverance. Weeks that I’ve gone the camp has been super fun and I’ve gotten a lot of great knowledge out of it. I definitely recommend it! 


September - Welding (Sep 15)

October - Museum Collections (Oct 13)

November - Metalwork* (Nov 10)


*Metalwork is the most fun one because you build parts of an airplane if you are 12-18! 

**All dates and topics are subject to change


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Zoe Bundy