Genius Hour - Who, What, Where, Why?

Genius Hour is an opportunity for students to work on projects that they make and research to solve a problem or become a genius on their topic. Teachers would have at least 45 minutes each week of classroom time to allow students to work on their research project.

Genius Hour takes place in the classroom every week. Teachers can use requirements for teaching in this project by tying the student project into the class subject. For example, I like women in STEM. We are working on Genius Hour in my Spanish class, so instead of just women in STEM, I will research Multicultural Women in STEM.

Why participate in Genius Hour? Genius Hour is a fantastic way for students to work on independent projects, research and site sources, but then also incorporate collaboration, communication (with a mentor), critical thinking, and creativity.

Please email us ( if you’re interested in participating!

Zoe Bundy