CE: Athletic Trainers: Janell Burkart

1. What area of STEM do you work in?

·       Science – Sports Medicine


2. What is your job title?

·       Athletic Trainer


3. Where do you work?

·       NDSU for the summer, interning with Athletes in Action


4. Have you ever been the only girl in a class or meeting? If so, how does it feel?

·       Yes, often I don't really notice, but sometimes it seems difficult to get my voice heard in a meeting if it's with many other men


5. Do you have any advice for girls who may be the only girl someday?

·       Be very respectful to the men around you, but if they are being unfair to you and not allowing your opinions to be considered, respectfully address your concerns to the primary offender(s) one-on-one


6. What degrees/diplomas do you have?

·       Exercise Science (bachelor's in science), psychology minor, and Master's in Athletic Training


7. Did you think that one day you'd be where you are now?

·       Nope! It's crazy how life can sometimes land awesome opportunities in your lap when you know the right people or find yourself at the right place at the right time.


8. What are two failures that have led to your success today?

·       I'm not sure that I can pick out two major mistakes that impact my current position, but years and days are filled with regular mistakes, and if viewed as learning opportunity, they've allowed me to grow in my field and be better next time. Be brave to attempt, be confident, and don't be upset if you mess us, because if you learn how to do it right, tomorrow you will be better.


9. What is your favorite and least favorite part about your job?

·       Favorite – watching an athlete from injury, through coming to terms with injury, through treatment (surgery, rehabilitation, etc.), to returning to the field/court and being able to help them and build relationship with them along the way; least favorite – needing to have a flexible schedule to be with the team for evening and early morning practices, many games, traveling, etc. And not being able to spend as much time volunteering at church or being with friends in the evening.


10. What are two things you wish you would have known as a teenager?

1.     You'll likely change your mind a few more times about what you really want to do with the rest of your life, and even after you get your degree, that may not be what you do forever.

2.     Stop looking forward to the next big thing (high school, relationships, college, marriage, etc.) and make the most of today, invest in the people around you, live in the present today and not the future.


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Zoe Bundy